Waiting For Nothing To Happen at FeKK’17!

Kindly welcome to the premiere of our new documentary short film “Waiting For Nothing To Happen” that is going to happen this Thursday 31st of August at The Museum platform Metelkova in FeKK SLO III. competition programme at the FeKK short film festival in Ljubljana at 20:30.

See you there!

The Best of FeKK SLO Award


“For its architectural aesthetics accompanied by a peculiar soundscape leaving the audience in a timeless space, the best Slovenian Award goes to 2045 by Maja Prelog and Blaž Murn.”

Big thanks to FEKK team and La Guarimba for hosting us for 10 days in Calambria, Italy, where we will shoot one of our next projects!

2 0 4 5 on 2.FEKK and 19.FSF!

Kindly welcome to premieres of our short experimental film “2 0 4 5”

– 22nd August 2016 competition program 2.FEKK in Ljubljana

– 15th September 2016 competition program 19.FSF in Portorož

See you there!

CREA Summer Academy

We made videos about CREA Summer Academy 2015 in Ljubljana for RRA LUR – RCKE.

Pre-premiere of our new music video for Laibach – We are Millions and Millions are One (Spectre)

Pre-premiere of our new music video for Laibach’s “We are Millions and Millions are One” happened on the day of their concert on the rooftop of the Museum of contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia) the same day. It was presented in Bauhaus exhibition context, next to Walter Gropius and other geniuses.

The video will premiere wordlwide shortly after their North Korean concerts. Stay tuned!

Link: MSU Zagreb